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Core Capital Consulting provides bespoke HR solutions to organisations within South Africa and abroad. We have a personal and strategic approach to business which assures our clients that they’re in safe hands.
Generally, ‘core capital’ refers to funding but in our minds, the fundamental asset at the heart of any organisation is its people ie. its Core Capital. We focus on finding the right people for your business, ensure each member of the team is sitting in the right seat on the bus, provide training where necessary, and identify and develop your rising stars. Core Capital Consulting proudly delivers excellent results for organisations by improving the quality and efficiency of day-to-day business and providing life changing opportunities to those invested in their careers.
Strategic Approach 100%
Results Oriented 100%
People Value 100%
Strategic HRM

Efficient & strategic Human Resource Management hones in on a business' most fluid, unpredictable and valuable asset - the people, the core capital of an organisation. Our approach to HRM is understanding the business strategy of an organisation, its culture, its history and its goals in order to fully appreciate the needs of the stakeholders. Our task is to align the core capital with the business strategy in order to achieve organisational goals.

With over 10 years experience in corporate, hiring and managing staff ourselves, we feel we are well equipped to identify exceptional talent. We take the time to understand your requirements fully and we are able to place candidates in diverse roles in all business industries. We assess the value for both the client and candidate and facilitate the ideal placement, always ensuring the necessary protocol has been followed.

Labour Relations

This critical sub-area of HR is expertly managed by Core Capital Consulting. The relationship between employee and employer needs to work and sometimes it needs extra attention. With a clear understanding of the legalities surrounding this relationship, we are able to manage the process, often in a way that is unique to your situation.


Our business restructuring is considered when strategic imperatives of an organisation are not being met or need to improve. We’re able to restructure your entire business and make things work better, and that are favourable to organisation bottom-line. The restructuring process is complex and we understand it.


At the base of any key employee lies the foundation of education and training that is necessary for professionals to make the right decisions and problem solve when it matters most. An individual that has little to no business training poses a potential risk in handling day to day work.

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